Our animals

Our pigs

Tamworths, the ginger pig, are thought to be most closely related to our wild forest pigs. 

Our traditional breeds grow slower and live longer than commercial pigs and aren’t breeds that would thrive in commercial pig units. 

We think this makes them taste better and ensure higher animal welfare standards.

Our sheep

Our sheep venture started out with the need for a few extra mouths to act as lawnmowers. A season’s lambing later and they became a permanent fixture.

We keep two breeds of sheep; Castlemilk Moorit & Shropshire.

Castlemilk Moorit are a primitive breed and slow to mature, so are sold as hogget or mutton.

Our cattle

Due to limited space we aren’t able to keep enough cattle to produce our own beef products. 

Although we keep a couple of belted galloway cattle ourselves, the beef in our bresaola comes from a nearby farm where they keep organic longhorn cattle and produce some of the best beef around!

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