Fresh meat

Our fresh meats product range

All of our fresh meat comes from our own livestock.

Hogget & Mutton

Various cuts are available from our own traditional and rare breed sheep.

Hogget is from sheep between 1-2 years old. Older than 2 years and it becomes mutton.

Mutton is tastier than lamb but some joints, like shoulder, benefit from longer, slower cooking.

Sugnall Sausages

A traditional English style peppery pork sausage made with sage, onion and mace.

In our opinion, simply the best Sunday breakfast sausage!

Merguez sausages

A spicy, juicy, north African style mutton sausage with a high meat content. Spiced with harissa, garlic, fennel and paprika.

Our merguez sausages are hand made using an authentic North African recipe.

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