About us

We breed and raise our own cattle, pigs, sheep and hens.

We care about how they live and make sure they have plenty of space, living outdoors all year round, with shelter as required (you’d be surprised how, on a frosty morning, our pigs can still be seen lying outdoors!).

Because our animals are unintensively reared we use relatively few veterinary products. But we make no compromise on stock welfare!

We also want our animals to have a good death. So we use an abattoir that we know treats our animals with respect.

We are aiming to produce as little waste as possible by starting to sell fleeces, horns, lard, and anything else which can make our enterprise truly nose-to-tail.

Meet the team


Andy Dale

Trained as a chef, Andy is the technical genius and Head of Recipe Development!

He's also pretty handy at fixing pig arks and getting tractors stuck in mud!

Helen Dale

Chief pig feeder and Head of Lambing!

With a background in wildlife conservation Helen is constantly looking for better ways to farm and improve our pastures for wildlife - no easy task when you keep pigs!


Vince is an Australian Working Kelpie.

He's our sheepdog, he makes moving livestock a lot less stressful for us and for the stock.

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