Our animals

Our pigs

Tamworths, the ginger pig, are thought to be most closely related to our wild forest pigs. 

This traditional breed grow slower and live longer than commercial pigs and wouldn’t thrive in commercial pig units. 

Our pigs live outdoors and are able to root and forage, which means tastier meat and better animal welfare.

Our sheep

We keep two breeds of sheep, Castlemilk Moorit & Shropshire.

Castlemilk Moorit are a primitive breed with lean, dark, gamey meat.

Shropshire sheep are our traditional, local breed, their meat is not so lean but also has great flavour.

We keep both breeds until at least a year old so the meat is hogget or mutton rather than lamb.

Our cattle

We keep Belted Galloway cattle but we also buy beef from a nearby farm where they raise organic Longhorn cattle and produce some of the best beef around!

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