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A spicy, soft, spreadable salami made with lots and lots of premium paprika and chilli powder. A little bit goes a long way.

1 sausage, minimum weight 100g.

Suggested uses: We like to eat this in a few different ways, it is ready to eat straight from the fridge but it is at it’s best warm and pairs really well with eggs or anything creamy.

‘Nduja scrambled eggs – stir a few dabs of ‘nduja into the eggs for the last couple of minutes cooking time. If you add it too early it will still taste delicious but won’t look as pretty.

‘Nduja pasta – for a really easy and delicious pasta sauce stir some ‘nduja into hot cooked pasta with a knob of butter and little bit of the water the pasta was cooked in.

‘Nduja pizza – a few fingernail sized pieces on a pizza with good creamy mozzarella.

‘Nduja garlic bread – mix some ‘nduja into garlic butter with plenty of chopped parsley and spread on a sliced baguette before baking.

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